How to Do Home Care For Dementia Patient.
Several technique on how to behave as caretaker/attendant of dementia patient will help ease your loved ones. The main goal is to allow them to keep their dignity and autonomy as much as possible while providing help. These are certain tips that often work with any form of dementia care :::::
Approaching Dementia Patient: Use Positive Approach
For many home care tasks, using these approaches will help your loved ones to understand what is going on and reduce anxiety, especially in middle or late stages of dementia.
  • Approach from the front: Make dementia be aware that you are coming. Approaching from the back can produce anxiety.
  • Walk slowly: Approach slowly to them and let them understand.
  • Stand to their sides: Make them feel supportive, standing in front may make them anger.
  • Call them by name: Greet them by their first name as they use to remember their first name.
  • Crouch low: Crouching down if they are seated or lying down helps them feel less threatened.
  • Offer your hand: This action will give you idea that they ready to welcome your touch or hug.