Home Medicare4U Patient Care Service At Home Video FeedBack4

When our company staff work day and night and take care of patient like family member,it makes company happy when patient give positive feedback.

Home Medicare4U patient care service at home are Dr.Physio Visit,Nursing Care,Elderly Care,Post Operative Care,Elderly Care,Parkinson Care , Dementia Care, Alzheimer’s Care , Paralysis care,Mother Baby Care and Medical Equipment On rental and many more.

We provide well qualified and trained attendant for patient and nursing care at home and our staff fulfill all there duty responsibility.

Responsibility of attendant-
1. Oral care
2. Toilet assistance
3. Personal hygiene care
4. Skin care
5. Feeding
6. Sanitary care
7. Oral medication
8. Changing Diaper
9. Massage and muscle strengthening exercises as per physio
10. Movement assistance
11. Dressing or undressing of patients
12. Minor dressing
13. BP check and sugar check
14. Nabulization
15. Urine bag care
16. Minor Bed sore care

Responsibility of Nurse –
1. Medication through IV , oral or RT
2. Tracheostomy care
3. RT feed care and changing
4. Suctioning
5. Stitches care
6. Bed sore care
7. Personal hygiene
8. Exercise
9. Sanitary care
10. Patient movement and support
11. Dressing
12. BP and sugar check
13. Urine bag care
14. Medical machine monitoring
15. Ventilation care
16. Stoma care