Dementia Care

Attendant or Caretaker For Dementia Patient At Home

Attendant or Caretaker For Dementia Patient at home need to have expertise in mental illness. Should have patient so that they could take care of patient like child. Nursing care for dementia patient is helpful as per condition of patient. 

Benefits Of Home Care:

Keeping the comforts of home Personalized, One-on- One Care Independence, Confidence, and Comfort Family Support & Participation Your Peace of Mind

How do you care for someone with Dementia?

  • Set a positive mood for interaction.
  • Get the person’s attention.
  • State your message clearly.
  • Ask simple, answerable questions.
  • Listen with your ears, eyes, and heart.
  • Break down activities into a series of steps.
  • When the going gets tough, distract and redirect.
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