Home Health Care Service For Paralysis Patient By Caretaker And Nurse.

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Paralysis Patient Care

Paralysis Patient Care At Home

Paralysis can be caused due to various medical reasons such as injury to the spinal cord or head, stroke or brain hemorrhage and more. Paralysis patient care at home is a good way of caring for your loved ones while helping them feel comfortable and connected to their family members.

Home Health Care Service for paralysis patients is not an easy task and it is very important that caregivers should be qualified, experienced, trained and should have patience because the patient is no longer able to perform basic functions.


Caregiver should keep in mind when caring paralysis patient at home-

  1. Bed Sore Management.

Prevent bed sore to occur by taking care of regular position changing,regular wiping body ,oil massage , using air mattress and taking care of the patient's bed.

  1. Taking care of hygiene for paralysis patients.

Regularly wiping the body with cold and hot water as per weather, use dry spray body cleaning solution, regular changing diaper with care and position changing for air circulation.

  1. Proper Nutrition

Balanced diet with protein,fats,vitamins and minerals. 

  1. Physical exercise and massage with mental care at home. 

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