Attendant And Nursing Care For Stroke Patient At Home

Caretaker for stroke patient at home are very important because they take care for hygiene, vitals, medication, exercise,massage and more.

Same nursing care is important for stroke patient because as per critical condition of patient nurses take care of RT feed, Suction, Injections and other medical requirement.


Benefits Of Home Care:

Keeping the comforts of home Personalized, One-on- One Care Independence, Confidence, and Comfort Family Support & Participation Your Peace of Mind

How to help stroke victims recover?

  • It’s better to find out than miss out.
  • Reduce risks, or stroke may strike again.
  • Many factors influence recovery.
  • Gains can happen quickly or over time.
  • Some signs point to physical therapy
  • Don’t ignore falls.
  • Measuring progress matters.
  • A change in abilities can trigger a change in services.